Select a map view and change which news reports appear and how they are displayed on the map (e.g. by location or by animal classes affected). Some of these map views are limited to the last 45 days of published news stories, while others extend the time range back further. (Note: The ‘Extended Map Views’ have more stories and hence will take longer to load.)
Enter text into the search box to search all news reports by story elements such as article title and description
Provides other non-geographical ways to view news reports. Users can look at news reports on a Timeline or as a List of Articles with headlines and descriptions. (Plus, users can use the filters to limit data in those views as well!)
Pick a time frame to display the events. E.g. Last 7 days only displays articles added in the last 7 days.
Clicking the orange RSS feed icon will open the GeoRSS feed of the last 45 days of mapped entries from the blog. Clicking the blue icon will open a Network Link layer for Google Earth. If you add this layer to Google Earth, it will keep itself up to date each time you re-open the program.
The legend colors and symbols change depending on which map view the user has selected. If the map is viewed by ‘Location’, the legend has geographical labels. If the map is viewed by ‘Potential Human Threat’, the legend changes to disease types labels (e.g. viral disease, fungal disease).
Expand or collapse the filters by clicking on the +/- symbol next to the filter category. Click on one or more selection to limit the articles displayed. After the first selection is made, checkboxes are visible to the user for additional selections. Reset all selected filters using the Reset All Filters link at the top of the view.
Filter Name Filter Description
Wildlife Health Topic Narrows the health topics to single or multiple topic(s) depending on how many check boxes are selected.
Disease Types Categorizes the news by disease type, e.g. fungal diseases or bacterial diseases
Animal Class Affected Limits the news articles to those that discuss one or more species group (fish, birds, or mammal)
Specific Species Affected Allows the user to limit the news to those articles that discuss one or more species
Continents Allows the user to limit the news to one or more continents
Countries Allows the user to limit the news to one or more countries
Administrative Units Allows the user to limit the news to one or more administrative units (e.g. US States, Canadian Provinces)
This icon Toolbox is regarded as the Toolbox. Clicking the icon allows users to select data to export in a variety of formats, which are useful for pulling the data into a number of applications, depending on the format they allow for. Click the icon, and select from the format you wish the data to be presented in. Read more about the formats available in the Map Help link above.

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